Patient Testimonials

It is a wonderful feeling to know here at last there is a dentist that cares, takes the time to do a thorough job, and explains every step and why. Plus you offered me an opportunity to contribute in deciding the treatment. And so far the treatments have been almost painless. I enjoy coming to your office because your staff extends your pleasant personality. Your humor at the beginning of the extraction process helped to relax me. Thank you so much. -B. Thomas, Ramseur, NC

You can tell a lot about a practice by how the Doctor works with her staff. On my first visit, over 10 years ago, I was impressed with Doc Mary's style. She encouraged and educated her assistant, while making sure everything was done right. It was co-operation, concern, and quality from the beginning.

Although this practice is not in my insurance company's "network" I continue to go there, because I know I will never get a procedure I don't need, and we will decide together what the best plan is for my mouth. The level of communication and honest information with this crew is exceptional. That's worth a whole lot.

Everyone who works at Doc Makhlouf's office has been nice to me, friendly and helpful, and the Doc herself is the whole package. Highly competent, caring, and professional, but also full of life and humor. I recommend her to everybody who needs a dentist. –D. Bedini, Greensboro

What makes Dr. Makhlouf’s dental practice outstanding? There are many things that come to mind regarding the quality service that I receive at Dr. Mary Makhlouf’s dental practice. The professionalism, expertise, and genuine care of Dr. Makhlouf and her staff are outstanding. When you enter the office, the atmosphere is friendly and inviting. As she works with you, you feel as if your questions and concerns are important. She explains procedures thoroughly and wants her patients to understand why and how certain processes are needed. She also teaches patients so that they can avoid certain dental problems. For example, she has shown me the correct way to floss my teeth. Dr. Makhlouf works so that you do not have a painful experience, too. To sum up my experiences during the past 12+ years as one of her dental patients: I trust her. - M. Brown, Graham, NC

I could actually write a whole page explaining how you are different. I came in with an extreme amount of dental anxiety and complex medical issues. Dr. Makhlouf met with me just to talk the first time. I was immediately put at ease by her. She is calm, funny, incredibly knowledgeable and she genuinely cares. Her staff all care. You don’t just say you care. You really do. I no longer have any dental anxiety. It feels like a miracle. I actually look forward to going to the dentist. I know I am in excellent hands clinically, I have never been hurt, and I look forward to seeing everyone and getting a hug. - K. Bedwell, Graham, NC

I wish I had my procedure years ago, but I was so terrified of the dentist that I waited until I developed serious problems, which could have been avoided. When Dr. Makhlouf did my procedure, I never had one bit of inconvenience, pain or anything. I can’t believe the entire procedure was fantastic. I wish I had met Dr. Makhlouf years ago. - E. Huber, Graham, NC

“Dentistry Above & Beyond” these aren’t just empty words on your stationary but a philosophy well executed. I have always been impressed with the care that I have received at your practice; however, I must say that lately I’ve noticed all of these nice wonderful “Above & Beyond” touches at the practice and those are much appreciated! What really takes the cake is the patient care!!! This evening Kim was kind enough to take time out of her evening, away from her family, to ensure that I received the care that I needed. I cannot even begin to put into words at this moment how much that meant to me. It was so wonderful to experience patient care the way it should be at your practice! I’m not sure how many people think of their dental practice as an extension of their family, but that is what all of you are to me! A+ for a job well done! - C. Watkins, Burlington

Live & learn! Dr. Makhlouf is something else! I have never met anyone so dedicated to her work or so thoughtful in one’s care for her patients. I am honored to know her and so pleased to be her patient! - E. Schorzman, Burlington

Mary H. Makhlouf, DMD, MS, PA can help dental care patients of every stripe including special needs patients dealing with serious medical issues and older patients in need of restorative dental care. Looking for a dentist who’s relationship-minded and gets to know every patient thoroughly before beginning treatment planning? Contact us today for an appointment in our Burlington dental office. Patients come to us from Graham, Mebane, Elon, and Snow Camp to receive general dental care and so much more.

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